Registered Players have Access to the Power Alley Batting Cages in Ft Walton Beach

Power Alley Batting Cages Logo

Our League has arranged for access to the Power Alley Batting Cages for our currently registered players.


Batter sketchedPower Alley is located on Racetrack Rd in FWB. The cage is available only to currently registered players.

The cages are available as follows: Start date: Wednesday, 7 Feb 2018
Final date: Saturday, 29 May

Weekly Hours:
Wednesdays - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturdays - 10:30am - 11:30am

General Rules (There are always rules)...

 Use of the Power Alley Batting Cage is only authorized for PAID, REGISTERED OMBL player’s that are currently assigned to a team. No off-season use is authorized under this agreement, and will be at the expense of the hitter.
 Cage use is allowed only during the designated hours established by the league.
 10-Minute Rule: If the cage remains unused by OMBL after the first 10 minutes of the designated period, then Power Alley will allow other customers to utilize and/or schedule the cage, and OMBL will then only potentially use it on a strictly non-interference basis for the remainder of the period.
 OMBL players will be held personally accountable for any misconduct or misuse of the facility, which may result in their temporary or permanent banishment from the Power Alley-OMBL program.