Register for Fall Baseball - 18 or 25 Aug, 2024

Okaloosa Men's Baseball League of NW Florida

Celebrating our 47th Men's Baseball Season in Fall of 2024!

The Okaloosa Men's Baseball League competes locally in the greater Niceville, Ft Walton Beach area in NW Florida. The league is open to players 18 years and over (not in high school). There are rules in place to protect the interests of our 30-over players.There are 2 seasons each year; in the spring and in the fall.

To play ball, simply attend our local registration.


The Okaloosa Men’s Baseball League serves NW Florida and provides an opportunity for men to play amateur baseball in a locally competitive environment. The league is chartered through the national Roy Hobbs Baseball association and adheres to the Roy Hobbs philosophy that all willing players deserve an opportunity to play organized baseball. A founding principal is our belief that all players should be fielded so as to create parity amongst all teams in order to afford equal opportunity for victory at every scheduled game. A second guiding principle upon which this league is founded is sportsmanship and fair play.

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Okaloosa Men's Baseball
Headline News!

Winning Swing!

JoJo Willingham (pictured) takes a winning swing to capture the Homerun Derby title in 2023!

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